Jeep Scrambler CJ8

The Jeep Scrambler CJ8

The Jeep Scrambler CJ8 was the model which changed the way people looked at Jeeps and brought a newly found sporty look to these vehicles. The Jeep Scrambler Cj8 was introduced in 1981 and it was mainly a long wheel-base version of the highly successful CJ7 model.


There were several changes that were made to the CJ7 model and CJ8 was brought about. The major changes were the increase in the length and the addition of a removable half cab, which transformed the Jeep Scrambler into a pick-up style vehicle, with a nice box in the boot, instead of the pickup bed. There were some variations in the model of the Jeep Scrambler CJ8 and the Jeep Scrambler version was one such variation. The Jeep Scrambler was mainly a version or a package which was supplied with special wheels and label graphics to enhance the appearance.


History of the Jeep Scrambler

The history of the Jeep Scrambler is quite interesting as the car itself and you would find that the Jeep Scrambler continues the legacy of the army jeeps which were utilized during various wars. The acronym CJ stands for a Civilian Jeep and there have been several models which have been launched in this domain. Starting with the CJ1, which was launched in 1944, there have been 10 CJ models and the latest one is the Jeep Wrangler Sport. The Jeep Scrambler CJ8 was launched during the years 1981 to 1985 and it was mainly a utility vehicle which gained a critical following due to its stylish design and raw muscular power. Other than that, there were some other special features of the Jeep Scrambler, most of which were carried over from the CJ7 model and this made the Jeep Scrambler CJ8 a hot favorite amongst vehicle enthusiasts.


Jeep Scrambler for Sale

In case you wish to get your hands on a Jeep Scrambler, you would have to look for a Jeep Scrambler on sale. Since finding a new Jeep Scrambler can be a tough task, you would have to go for a used one and this can be a difficult task, since only a few 20,000 vehicles were manufactured in the CJ8 range. Further, not many would be ready to part with the Jeep Scrambler CJ8, a gem of a vehicle till date.